• Air flow sensor

    • We designed and fabricated the novel air flow sensor using air drag force, which can be applied to the low air flow 
    • To measure the low air flow, we should enlarge the air drag force and the output signal at the given air flow. The paddle structure is applied to the device, and the device is vertically located against the air flow to magnify the air drag force. 
      We also adapt the corrugation structure to improve the output signals on the given air velocity. The device structure is 
      made up of the silicon nitride layer and the output signal is measured with the piezoresistive layer. The output signals from 
      the corrugated device show the better measurement sensitivity and the response time than that of flat one. The repeated measurement also shows the stabilized signals.

  • MOS transistor probe

    • We fabricate and evaluate the metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) transistor probe with the focused-ion-beam (FIB) for
      surface electric properties. The probes are designed with the rectangular and V-shaped structures, and their dimensions 
      are determined considering the contact mode operation. The conductive nano tip is grown with FIB system, and deposition 
      condition is controlled for the sharp tip. The fabricated device is applied to the various test patterns like the metal lines and 
      PZT poling regions, and the results show the well defined measurement patterns.

  • Deposition profile with Focused Ion Beam

    • We investigate the deposition properties of the focused ion beam for the fabrication of metal structures. The experiments 
      have been performed under various beam currents, depositions times, and initial designed diameters, and the fabricated diameters and heights are analyzed with recorded video clips. The abnormal deposition phenomena which show the 
      etching effect as well as deposition have been observed, and the relation between etching and parameters such as 
      beam current and designed diameter is investigated. We apply these conditions and finally fabricated a high-aspect-ratio 
      tip without abnormal deposition phenomena.

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